Pull-Pull Mad StabEdit

Pull-pull 2013-02-04

Du-Bro #846 Micro Pull-Pull system with external elevator servo on a *very* worn ultralight Le Fish!

Droydx pull-pull

Andy DiMizio's pull-pull setup on an ultralight Le Fish, using stainless steel fishing leader.

Madslide 07b

The BPLR "Mad" stab

Madslide 08b

Mad stab at full deployment

Madslide 05b

Elevator servo with "huge" servo horn.

Madslide 06b

Elevator servo at full throw

There are several ways to do a pull-pull Mad stab; but why not emulate the guy that started it all: Benoit Paysant-Le Roux (AKA BPLR).

Take a look at the photos to see how the master set up his Madslide. Benoit used standard pull-pull hardware... commonly used in large motorized aerobatic planes. You can learn more about the Madslide at the Jivaro Models website.

For an ultralight build (sub 20oz): A Du-Bro Micro Pull-Pull System (part number #846) works quite well with an external tailboom mounting of the elevator servo.

There are other variations of the pull-pull Mad stab with make use of pulleys and/or gear/chain .